George and Joan are an average middle class white couple, who first debuted on the 1954 episode Pet Peeve.

In their first appearance, George and Joan are the new owners of Tom and Spike, but Joan's more of a cat person and prefers Tom while her husband, George, is more of a dog person and prefers Spike.

Joan's often seen either cooking in the kitchen or knitting while sitting in her armchair with Tom keeping her company. George, who's usually seen wearing a suit, hates the montly bills and complains that they're too expensive, but when he's not complaining about the bills, he's usually sitting in his own armchair or on the sofa reading the newspaper with Spike keeping him company.

Both George and Joan are very kind and polite, and seem to love each other very much. In Pet Peeve, George and Joan decided that they keep Jerry as a pet because he's easy to look after and doesn't eat too much and tell Tom and Spike to leave. However, in later episodes with George and Joan, Tom and Spike still happily live with them and Jerry isn't known by the couple and he isn't a pet anymore.

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