Topsy is a grey kitten. He is one of Tom's alley cat friends/foes, although in one cartoon he befriends Jerry. He first appeared in Baby Puss; his final appearance in the original theatrical shorts was in Scat Cats. He also appears in Tom and Jerry Tales with a more yellowish color than before. In Professor Tom, Topsy is explicitly a house cat; more often (as in Saturday Evening Puss and elsewhere), he is depicted as an alley cat or a cat of unknown origin.


Tom and JerryEdit

  • Baby Puss
  • Professor Tom
  • Heavenly Puss (as Alosius)
  • Saturday Evening Puss
  • Life with Tom (cameo)
  • Smarty Cat

Spike and TykeEdit

  • Scat Cats

Tom and Jerry TalesEdit

  • Tomcat Superstar
  • Power Tom
  • League Of Cats